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i offer a variety of coaching services, including:


  • determine best platforms to utilize based on business niche
  • strategies for building engagement and retaining a following
  • brand theme and resources for creating content
  • how to properly use hashtags and other growth tools
  • education on interpreting analytics


  • blogging 101 on how to get started from the ground up
  • free resources on maintaining and building an impactful blog
  • content calendars for building monthly series
  • basic search engine optimization (SEO) education
  • utilizing pinterest and social media to drive traffic
  • building categories your audience is interested in
  • finding stock photos that fit your brand
  • incorporation of affiliate links to generate additional income


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Kasey is so wise beyond her years. You are always so loving and supportive. You will never know how much your blogs and you mean to me. With God's help you are changing more lives then you realize


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one-time strategy sessions: $300

ongoing monthly coaching: $275/mo.