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I am just your average Southern woman with a big dream–chasing freedom by running my own business. I always knew my purpose was more than showing up to a 9-5 job every day. God created Living Your Season April 10, 2017, as a simple blog sharing relatable Christian topics for everyday life. Over time, I’ve realized I’ve just been talking to myself this whole time, but helping hundreds of Christian Women along the way!

I can’t explain the overwhelming love God has shown me through this process. I will continue to follow His Plans without hesitation and am excited to see where life takes me!


I am here to spread God’s Word to all who will receive it. My mission is to give hope to those who have lost it, empower others to actively pursue their faith, and break the mold the world expects us to live in. I pray you will find the peace and encouragement to share this message with those around you. Let’s grow together!