We’ve all heard of God’s grace. It’s considered the unmerited favor of God. We receive it at salvation and really don’t know what it does afterward. We all are part of a unique story.

This story has been shared for just over six millennia. That story is the story of grace. Though salvation is important, it is just the beginning of God’s grace.

One of my favorite apps is the Bible App from YouVersion. Not only do they have numerous Bible versions, they have hundreds of devotionals. In 2013 I found a 7-day devotional on Grace that opened up a new look at this misunderstood attribute of God.

Grace has many facets, likened to a diamond. It’s too complex and too deep to fully understand. If we stop in our understanding of what grace is and believe it’s only I’m a sinner saved by grace, we’ll miss out on the most wonderful experience of the deeper things of God.

There are 5 facets to God’s grace.

1. God’s grace is undeserved to salvation.

Galatians 1:15 (CEB) But God had set me apart from birth and called me through his grace.

Remember the story of Abraham? God asked him to sacrifice his son. Isaac asked his father, “I see the fire, wood, and the altar, but where’s the sacrifice?” Abraham was saddened and said, “God will provide.”

God not only provided a substitutionary Ram to save Isaac, he also provides salvation because of Jesus’ death. Though we don’t deserve God’s amazing grace, we were chosen to have his grace that poured out on the cross.

2. God’s grace is for everyday life.

God has called us by his grace to conquer each day, set it aside and worship him. “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day…” Revelation 1:10. We wake up, go to work, come home, eat, and go to bed. It’s our day and rarely does God find a place in our week.

We are called to be slaves of God. In that, we are to be continually laying down our own life for true life in Christ. His grace is what carries us through the week. If we don’t take a conscious effort to give each day to the Lord, as the Lord’s Day, we will feel tired, worn-out and run-down.

3. God’s grace gives us strength in storms.

We’ve all encountered trials and hardship in life. Sometimes waiting for the storm to pass seems an eternity. Maybe you’re in a stormy season right now. It’s okay, there’s a calm on the other side of a storm.

A few years ago I hit a storm of my own. I was asked to take a pay cut at the church, combined with bad financial habits, I lost my home to foreclosure.

Grace is what God gives to strengthen us through each trial. God allows us to go through tribulation, so faith is produced. That’s why resting in His grace is so important.

4. God’s grace gives us permission to praise and worship God.

God saved us by faith through grace. We need that grace in our lives and when storms arise. Yet, it’s vitally important to our spiritual lives to remember to praise God.

We get so caught up in our mundane lives that we forget that each blessing is a gift. He’s worthy of praise and worship. Grace gives permission to exalt him. That exalting of the King lifts our hearts and minds because he’s worthy of praise.

“Give to the Lord the glory due to His name…” (Psalm 96:8-9).

5. Grace gives us the power to forgive.

In the hot polarizing climate we live, we see anger, frustration, and hatred toward others. It seems as if we’ve forgotten the one thing grace gives us the power to do–forgive.

We serve a God who is ever loving, ever kind, and ever forgiving. His grace is enough to cleanse us from our sin. If God loves us enough to forgive us our sin, even before we ask for it, should we not forgive those who’ve sinned against us?

Matthew 18:22; “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.”

I wrote the book, GRACE: What’s So Amazing About It? to give a deeper understanding of who God is and what his grace does in our lives. This 30-day devotional is designed to be read in less than 20-minutes a day and each day is broken into four sections.

  • Scripture – Each day’s reading comes with a passage of scripture to take you deeper into the day’s subject.
  • Devotional – This daily observation gives clarity to the Scripture and helps you digest what in an easy manner.
  • Application – My heart is to give you the opportunity to grow in your faith by asking questions designed to help you process each reading.
  • Prayer – I believe in the power of prayer and praying scripture. Each day you’ll find prayers you can pray, but I also encourage you to use each prayer as a template to guide you in prayer.

Remember, God knew what He wanted. He desired, from the beginning of time—that His children would be driven towards Him—desiring to be near Him, allowing His character to develop in their lives.

Rom. 8:29 (MSG) “God knew what He was doing from the very beginning. He decided from the onset to shape the lives of those who love Him along the same lines of the life of His Son… We see the original and intended shape of our lives there in Him.”


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