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This is a personal post and is something I am working through at the moment. I pray you find it relatable and helpful during similar times in your life. 

I am struggling, y’all. I am supposed to be the inspiration for all of you to live healthy, feel fulfilled, and find purpose in life. Right now, I am stuck…completely stuck. From February to April, I was on fire–lost 25 pounds, started a new business, felt the Holy Spirit daily. Then things changed. Over the last month and a half, I have given 50% or less effort to my diet, my energy levels have tanked, and that original burning passion I had feels dull. So what happened?

Falling into a “funk” is something you don’t see coming until you are full-blown in one. Little things start changing until they turn into one big mess. Old habits return, and running away from them seem harder than last time. The enemy loves to watch me fall into my biggest excuse: waiting for tomorrow.

“Tomorrow I promise I’ll get back to eating right.”
“I’ll pray tomorrow since I will have more time then.”
“Oh, I’m just doing this today, but tomorrow will be different.

I am so guilty of living on “Tomorrow Time” or giving up on the entire day when one thing goes wrong, especially on my diet. I could have had an amazing breakfast and a hard workout in the morning, but if I eat poorly at lunch, might as well ruin the rest of my diet that day, right? (Don’t tell me you haven’t been there before). Tomorrow Time is the reason I have wasted so many days accomplishing nothing, feeling useless, and ultimately, depressed. And when you get in this cycle…it feels impossible to get out. 

Living through dry seasons is a big opportunity for me. I believe it’s all about who and what you use to get out of the drought that will save you. For years, I have relied on my own strength to get through these times, but I am learning I’ll always stay weak until I find my thirst quencher. Here is what I plan to do during this season to pull me back. Hopefully you can use these during your times of need as well:

  1. Write down the details of my dry season. I use the back of my Write Love Parcel journal to write down all of my thoughts (P.S.- Get 15% off of yours with promo code LIVINGYOURSEASON15). It may shock me what I write down, but I need to get it all out there.
  2. Admit to God I absolutely need help. He knows where I am on my path, but He is waiting for me to ask for guidance. For some reason, I avoid this step because I feel I’m not being heard, but I’ve learned to keep talking. I will receive His Love when I call on Him.
  3. Create a recovery plan. My plan is going to focus on my health and how to get back on track. I am someone who needs structure, so this will involve defining a daily routine for me to follow, such as checking in with my accountability buddy, logging my food, and completing my workouts.
  4. Follow through NOW, not tomorrow. I am going to implement change as quickly as I can. I can’t undo what I’ve already eaten today, but I can finish off the night the right way by preparing for the rest of my week.
  5. Learn to say “no” more often. Even if it makes me feel left out, I have to stop my bad habits in their tracks. For me, this means making the right meal choices at lunch outings and not making excuses for poor eating and/or overeating.

The biggest thing to remember is recovery doesn’t happen over night. It’s very easy to undo months of hard work, which is the track I am on if I don’t change now. I will still have hard days, and I know I will fall off track, but I am going to strive for strong recoveries. No more waiting on Tomorrow Time. No more giving up half way through the day. I am going to KEEP GOING. I am going to use the right sources to heal, not dwell in my past mistakes. I am going to COME OUT STRONGER. 

Lord, I am so lost right now. I was doing so well…what happened? I ask that you please pick me up and put me on your path for my life. I want to learn from this dry season and recover with your strength and wisdom. Please open my heart to your Spirit and my eyes to your blessings. Thank you for giving me challenges to overcome. I will have faith that you will bring me out of this time. Amen.

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