Have you ever gotten one of those phone calls where your reality seems like a dream (well…a nightmare)? How could God let this happen?

That was me at the beginning of this week after a phone call from my doctor. My blood work showed my liver function was elevated and I needed to be seen right away. Having recently lost 20 pounds and now rarely drinking alcohol, I was shocked. On top of that, I’ve been having other medical issues that no one can seem to find an answer to (I’ll save you the details). I’ve felt lost and confused ever since. After a second round of blood work, all I can do is wait for the results…and pray.

But that period of waiting can mentally break you. 

Fearing the unknown is where anxiety is bred. That’s where we start running through every possible scenario on the spectrum and try to make sense of what is happening. “What if they find something really wrong with me?” “What am I going to do if I can’t afford these doctor’s visits?” We’ve all been there, but what is God trying to use this period of time for?

Ultimately, we are judged by Him based on how we react during this time, not how we feel. Here are some factors we will be tested on during our times of the unknown:

Faith: Believing God has your path already planned is the first and biggest step during unknown times in your life. When you try to fix things on your own without His Help, you fuel anxieties and won’t feel proper satisfaction. You don’t have to understand everything that is happening, just how you are supposed to handle the situation.

Patience: Are you willing to wait on God’s Answer? We live in a “now society”, but God doesn’t run on our time. No matter how long it seems, your patience will be rewarded with more than you ever expected.

Temptation: During our waiting period, we become vulnerable, and that’s where the enemy wants us positioned. It will be easy to listen to his lies and blame God for our current situation. We push prayer down on (or off of) our priority list, depression hits, and we fall deeper into our problems. In this stage, we are tested to see if we will keep God as the only Answer to our situation; we must not let the enemy defeat us.

Obedience: Although we may have faith God is in control and are patiently waiting His Plan, we must also act on what He is trying to tell us. This may be through other people, reading His Word, or direct communication. Don’t miss your opportunity to be free from your situation!

Modern society wants us to find logical reasons for everything in our lives, but we were not created off of logic. Our bodies were designed to be inhabited by souls with predetermined plans for life. Whatever you may be facing today, try giving 100% of your situation to God instead of living in the unknown. You can’t change your situation, but you can control your reaction.

While I am waiting on these test results, I am living knowing my God has a purpose for this season. There is something I am going to discover along this road to my health that will change my life. I’m not going to let worry and fear overtake my life anymore. I pray you will start viewing life the same way.

Lord, we all struggle with anxiety in some form every day. I pray you can please help us to put our full trust in you in the hardest times in our lives. Please help us to open our hearts and minds to your Answers and act accordingly. We will find the positive in this season, even if we don’t feel it right away. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Let me know what you think!