Let’s talk about that job promotion you’ve been working towards. You show up early and stay late. You bring unique ideas to the team and lead several projects. You’re probably the hardest working and most dedicated person in your department. Let’s be honest, you have no concept of work-life balance because work is life. You’re doing practically everything (and more) that your boss expects from you and then it happens…

Someone else gets that promotion. 

You want answers: Why him? What didn’t I do? I thought I was doing everything you said would get me promoted? I have more job experience than her. He didn’t even want to get promoted. 

Sound familiar? It definitely does to me. Each job I have ever had (even when I was 16) was always focused on that “next step.” I was never satisfied until I was the leader of the team. I worked for years for that promotion, just to get there (or not) and still be disappointed. Why are those less deserving rewarded, and we are stuck in the same job?

It’s all about the process. In fact, everyone has a different process even for the same destination. God’s Plan for us isn’t to reach a materialistic reward. Until we learn to find joy in our present state, we can’t move forward in His Plan. Like in the picture above, we have to test our faith at different seasons of our lives, knowing there is an eventual destination.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to burn out in a job. But we burn out because we are relying on our own strength instead of embracing God’s process. Ask Him each day to give you a purpose, and you will be amazed at the pleasure you will find in your day-to-day. That might involve talking to that coworker you’ve sat next to forever about something other than business, or giving a compliment to your boss when they least expect it. There is a reason God has you showing up for 8 hours a day (it’s not just for the money believe it or not!). You may be keeping someone from drowning in their personal life or being a friend to someone who feels completely alone. God may even be trying to redirect your career path. Whatever it is, seek comfort knowing you are right where you are supposed to be.

Stop working for the end result, and start living like you’ve already been promoted. Who knows how happy you will be when you actually do get that position!

Lord, I pray that you keep me in the present moment and allow me to seek understanding in my current job. I want to follow your paved plan for my life, even if it isn’t what I expect it to be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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