Those were always my mom’s famous last words as I cried over another relationship lost in my life. From middle school to adulthood, that was the only answer she could come up with. I never understood what she meant by that, and I really didn’t think she did either. That phrase basically translates to “you’re just weird” or “you’re just different from other people.” Was being “special” something that was supposed to make me feel better while another friend breaks my heart or yet another job burns me out? How was that going to solve anything?

It wasn’t until recently when it all made sense to me what she meant, and it finally did for my mom, too.

Around my birthday in 2016, I experienced a “friend breakup” (well two actually). I don’t know how many of those you have ever had in your life, but seriously they are just as bad as relationships ending. Best friends are people you trust everything with, and they usually know every corner of your life. I had two best friends that had almost eight of the most important years of my life stored in their memories. Long story short, both friends felt like I wasn’t an asset to their happiness anymore due to past events and chose to walk out for good. I tried to mend things the way I thought God wanted me to, but nothing changed. Although I was hurt, I had to respect their decisions to better themselves.

Now at this point in my life, I had been re-energized in my faith after witnessing my mom, dad, and brother get baptized again. My eyes had been opened to looking for the reasoning behind every season in my life, not just taking it for face value. I had listened to a sermon talking about finding your dream and pursuing it, and my dream was to help people in a way other than traditional volunteering or giving to those in need. I wanted to impact people.

So here I was again like I was several times in the past, calling my mom to tell her the bad news. Of course before I called, and I couldn’t help but think “Oh I bet she will tell me how special I am again.” After explaining everything that had happened, I told my mom that I thought I knew why this kept happening to me. God was building my experiences over the years to be able to help others through the same situations. He knew I was tough enough for the job and would rely on my faith to push me through the emotional pain. How was I supposed to impact people if I hadn’t gone through any heartache myself? That’s why I am “special.” 

If you are facing trials in your life where it seems like “Why does this only happen to me?”, ask God what you should be learning from that experience. When you get your question right, the solution will be easily discovered.

Your purpose in this world is unique to you–that’s why you have been blessed with different qualities than others (even your best friends). Take every experience (good and bad) as an opportunity to grow in your purpose. YOU ARE SPECIAL FOR A REASON! 

God, help me to discover my purpose in the world by showing me why I am special. Teach me to open my eyes in every situation to see the deeper meaning. I have faith that you will only give me what I can handle and will lead my life to a better tomorrow. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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